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Peaceful and playful, this Chatham home is spectacular!

When the homeowners expressed their needs to Schneeberger and SV Design—to preserve the view and as much lawn as possible, to keep the existing separate garage, to add a pool and to have their home reflect the casual Cape Cod lifestyle yet still be sophisticated—they realized they had come to the right place. Schneeberger’s own must-list for planning a summer home includes maximizing the view, creating flexible spaces for socializing, and designing for comfort. She told the homeowners they could create a place for “quality time with family and friends—and precious downtime just for you.”    

SV Design’s philosophy is to “create places of beauty and integrity that are timeless in style, highly functional, and thoughtfully placed in the landscape,” offering services in architecture, interior and landscape design. “Because the existing house was not very functional,” Schneeberger recalls, “with awkwardly placed rooms with cut-off views, a shallow foundation, and materials that were not of a quality to preserve, it didn’t make sense to spend a lot of extra money to work around what existed and still ultimately have to compromise with the final result.” They all decided it’d be best to build a new home. 

The architecturally brilliant solution was to build a home in the shape of a “Y.” “Though we started with a ‘V’ shape to embrace their beloved Cape Cod lawn, the setbacks and the existing garage restricted locations for the pool,” Schneeberger explains. “The ‘Y’ shape helped us to get everything in and create a large variety of outdoor spaces. It made it possible to create two wings to the house: an active wing and a quiet wing.” The homeowners chose C.H. Newton Builders to turn this vision into a reality. “We had the perfect design-build team from the outset,” says Schneeberger, “each firm offering separate expertise to benefit the homeowner.”    

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