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Village LIFE: Charming Chatham

Chatham Break in Monomoy Island
Josh Shortsleeve

Of course in order to truly appreciate all that Chatham has in the present one should take a look at some of the places where it all began. The Chatham Historical Society itself resides in the Atwood House & Museum on Stage Harbor Road—a restored 1752 home with exhibits and galleries inside celebrating Chatham’s past. Get up close and personal with history less than a mile from the Atwood House by visiting the Godfrey Windmill on Shattuck Place. Built by Col. Benjamin Godfrey in 1797, it is one of the oldest surviving wooden windmills on Cape Cod and was completely restored in 2012.

An intricate tapestry of modern chic and quintessential classic, Chatham is firmly standing in the 21st century while still holding on to its fishing village roots. Visitors may stay close to Main Street and be completely satisfied with their trip to the “elbow” of Cape Cod. They may also venture far off the beaten path to areas where cell phone reception is spotty at best and become lost in nature. Sunrises at Lighthouse Beach, seal cruises to Monomoy, a glass of wine at the Chatham Wine Bar, burgers at Mom & Pops Burgers, cycling the Old Colony Rail Trail, or swimming at Harding’s Beach, there is no shortage of ways that this village can enchant those who visit. Those who call it home already know of the magic of Chatham’s village life.

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