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Cocktail recipes you can try at home!

Shake it Up!

Change up your cocktail routine with these inspired recipes from some of our favorite local restaurants & bars

There is nothing better to quench the long-awaited thirst for summer than sipping refreshing beverages with friends. Some cocktails find their history in the long-defunct Prohibition period, but the modern twist curated by today’s mixologists offers everything from slushy sippers to garden-inspired elixirs.

One of the biggest trends sweeping the nation is the rebirth of European classics such as Green Chartreuse, an herbal liquor known for its naturally electric color, as well as Italian concoctions including the gin-based Negroni and aromatic Aperol Spritz. These worldly classics have made their mark on Cape Cod. Although you can get an Aperol Spritz just about anywhere, The Canteen in Ptown has put their own frozen twist on the staple, blending the herbaceous bitter apéritif with the sweet pop of Prosecco into an icy adaptation. 

Some of the most iconic Cape Cod beverages emerge from the familiar sounds of the blender.  The famed “Dirty Banana” hailing from Nancy’s in Oak Bluff’s is one of the most sought after  frosty beverages this side of the bridge, combining the familiarity of a mudslide with a fruity twist. Traditional muddies have certainly not lost their luster, though. Check out the Chart Room at Crosby’s in Osterville for the infamous chocolate swirl, or the fluffy cream-topped version at Chapin’s Beach Bar in Dennis. 

Although bar managers are embracing fun, slushy sippers, the seriousness of craft cocktail culture is still at the forefront of most respectable beverage programs. Tequila and its smoky cousin, mezcal, have emerged onto the scene, kicking the likes of flavored vodka to the curb. The addition of heat and exotic fruits have elevated cocktails to the next level. 

Mixologists have been upping their libation game by experimenting with trends in health and culture, including the use of cannabidiol (also known as CBD) oils and tinctures. CBD is typically associated with feelings of relaxation while offering a host of health benefits without the high from bypsychotrope tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is also found in the marijuana plant. The newly opened Hyannis Oyster Bar has emerged onto the cocktail scene with a perfect elixir to relax with while people-watching.

Realizing that professionals won’t always be on hand to blend creative beverages at the ready, Cape Cod LIFE has provided a number of beautiful cocktails curated by local bar professionals to try at home. So, whether it’s an icy refreshment or an elevated craft cocktail, we have the perfect drink for you to mix, shake and stir!

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