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Art on the Plate: Cocktails at Fishbones on Martha’s Vineyard

Caribbean Breeze: Coconut rum, pineapple juice, blue curaçao, upside down prosecco split

Frozen Mojito: Don Q mojito rum, white rum, fresh mint

Strawberry Lemon Frosé: Rosé wine, Deep Eddy lemon vodka, Stoli strawberry, strawberry puree

Nothing screams “Vineyard vacation” like sitting outside by the water, sipping a prosecco-infused frozen drink, right? Fishbones, located in Oak Bluffs, has Instagram-worthy drinks that are as delicious as they are eye-catching. Owned and operated by Mike Santoro, of Santoro Hospitality, Fishbones is a hot spot for tourists and locals alike. Located directly on Oak Bluffs Harbor, next to the Hy-Line Ferry Docks, with beautiful views of Oak Bluffs Harbor and daily sunsets, it offers the perfect location to sip drinks with names like Caribbean Breeze, Deep Sea Diver, and Paradise on the Harbor. A couple of their most popular drinks include the trendy Frosé made with rosé wine and lemon vodka, and the frozen mojito featuring two kinds of rum and fresh mint. Fishbones offers a wonderful Vineyard experience with a Caribbean island twist.

Executive Assistant Jenn Toppin describes it as the perfect place for tourists and locals alike.  “It’s our local’s favorite stomping ground—everyone meets up here around 4 o’ clock,” Toppin says. Locals come to sit around the 360-degree bar and catch up with friends. Tourists have also made it a must-stop spot. “People who come on vacation for the week, sometimes this is their first stop and their last stop before they shed a few tears and have to leave the island,” Toppin explains.

Visitors will be delighted to find that the dishes at Fishbones are just as photo-worthy as the drinks. With an emphasis on healthy, creative and fresh ingredients, Fishbones specializes in fresh fish and produce, again with a Caribbean twist. “The whole menu has a little Caribbean flare without being overly spicy, so it’s unique,” says Toppin. Almost everything—down to the fries and plantain chips—is made on-site at Fishbones. With flavors like pineapple, mango and coconut populating the menu, tropical drinks, and a summer breeze blowing through the restaurant, it’s easy to feel transported to white sand beaches, Caribbean blue waters and warm sunny days. General Manager Lisa Hawkes describes it as “A little Floridian, a little Tommy Bahama… it even feels like the Keys at times, but here on Martha’s Vineyard.”

Fishbones Bar & Grille
12 Circuit Avenue Extension
Oak Bluffs, MA

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