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Comfort Food

Osterville’s Amie Bakery offers Amie Académie, an immersive set of classes for baking and cooking enthusiasts to learn the secrets of the professionals.

In the spring of 2022, the staff at Cape Cod Life Publications attended a course offered in the Amie Académie curriculum on making fresh pasta.  Since most of us are pasta enthusiasts, despite our various levels of culinary acumen, the thought of making our own pasta appealed to the fantasy we have all held close at one point or another: Chuck it all and run away to the hills of Tuscany!

Haven’t we all wondered what it would be like to live a carefree existence where we stroll to the village to buy a sack of semolina, collect eggs from the hens grazing the courtyard of our modest villa, and whip up a modest peasant’s dish served in the finest restaurants around the world.

Well, here on Cape Cod, at least a small part of that dream can become a reality. Amie Smith opened Amie Bakery in the quaint village of Osterville in 2016. A frequent Cape Cod LIFE “Best of” winner in the category of Best Bakery, Smith has brought her passion for French baking and high-quality provisions to the Cape and inspired a legion of enthusiastic fans. In 2020, Smith expanded to a new facility she built a stone’s throw from the village. Fully involved with the design and layout of the new bakery, Smith made sure the commercial kitchen was suited for an expanding Amie Académie schedule of classes. 

Our pasta class began with donning baker’s aprons to protect our clothes from the clouds of flour that were certainly about to take flight in the stainless steel baking emporium. We were allotted a certain number of grams of flour which we mounded into a…

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