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Creating lasting impressions

Creating Lasting Impressions, April 2018 Cape Cod LIFE |

“Sandy Neck,” 12″x 6″

Studio sessions often take place first thing in the morning before she heads to her day job—across the hall in her home office, where she works remotely as a project manager for cloud-computing life sciences company Veeva. The job requires her to travel, often to Indianapolis. Even in her routine travels around the city in Ubers and Lyfts, Avenia views the experiences the way she views her artwork—with insight.

“In retrospect thinking about the trip, I look at the summaries—the little maps—from Lyft or Uber, and it’s cool because I’m looking at what’s almost like a piece of art—it’s a 2D representation of what happened,” she says. “And putting them all together tells an interesting story about the drivers and the landscape there and about navigating through that area. It’s interesting how you interact with things and what you’re left with—the physical manifestation. It’s kind of like painting. You go somewhere and paint, then you’ve got this physical manifestation of your time there,” she adds.

“If you look at something in the right light, you can get a more nuanced experience from it,” she reflects. “It could just be an Uber trip, or it could be a cool piece of art that is something more than just the trip.”

As she continues to capture the world around her, Avenia says she is excited to experiment with painting from memory, concentrating less on the literal and more on the essence of landscapes. “I want to leave more room in the painting for the viewer to think about it on their terms—to bring their own story, their own experiences, to my painting,” she explains. “I think paintings become more interesting when you can put yourself in the scene.”

Rachel Avenia’s work is sold at Hillport Gallery, Bobby Baker Gallery, The Spotted Cod and Furniture Re-Born.

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