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Day Trip: Hingham

History’s Hometown

Hingham’s present-day vitality is rooted in its honorable past.

Hingham Historical Society
Photo courtesy of the Hingham Historical Society

The quiet and attractive hamlet of Hingham is considered one of the most sought after communities in Massachusetts to put down roots, raise a family, and add your name to the list of generational residents who proudly stake their claim to the town’s heritage. According to, if you are looking for the best place to live on the South Shore, with children and a manageable commute to Boston, Hingham is your town. Even the drive to the waterside village is a trip through history as you meander down Main Street (Route 228), as the wide thoroughfare is flanked by well-maintained garrison colonial homes, whose front entrance porticos offer up a bullseye welcome for hospitality and warmth. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, who once said Hingham’s Main Street was the most beautiful in the country, “This is America.”

An easy turn onto Main Street gives way to a familiar New England community that was built by settlers, established by successful colonists, imbued with a sense of pride and progress by a burgeoning second and third generation of Americans, and embraced by a 20th century middle class who honed their family’s character by the hard work and commitment which defined them as Hingham residents.

Main Street gives way to Central Street, which meets up with North Street, and South Street and Water Street, all with clear indications for their apt monikers as each lead to a deliberate destination—particularly Water Street—as it meets the picturesque horseshoe-shaped harbor. But Hingham denizens of history are still rooted in the present-day reminders, like Fearing Road and Lincoln Street, Thaxter Street, and of course Derby Street. Standing tall, over the town square, is the Heritage Museum and Visitor Center, home to the Hingham Historical…

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