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Deep Ocean Ties

Cape Cod Bay home

An undeniable water view sets the stage for a seaside dream home on Cape Cod Bay

Perched above a tranquil cove on the western edge of Cape Cod Bay, a Plymouth home boasts something vast, unpredictable, and ever-changing in color and mood. This spectacular, panoramic view of the ocean is accentuated by the elevation of the home, 40 feet above a pebbled beach below, and able to be enjoyed from every room in the house, even the dog’s favorite resting spot.

After spending 20 years raising a family in the suburbs of Boston, Deb and Greg anxiously awaited the day they could pick up their roots and hopefully settle down someplace where the coastal charm and power of the sea would influence their lives going forward. In 2012 Deb and Greg found a site with the kind of view they had only imagined. They decided to purchase their soon-to-be full-time residence on the shores of Plymouth.

However, the couple required the right interior designer to adequately interpret their lifestyle demands, all the while creating new interior space that would not only complement the show-stopping panorama but also provide the serenity they desired. Their vision was to completely remodel the home—anchoring the design to the ocean view and converting the space into a comfortable, year-round home base, where their four adult children would be pulled, like the tide, to visit.

“The amazing ocean view sold us on the house, and when it came time to renovate, it was important that nothing took away from the view,” Deb says.

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