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Deep Ocean Ties

Cape Cod Bay home

In 2016, the couple enlisted Tiffany LeBlanc of LeBlanc Design, a transitional design firm based out of Boston, to manage the yearlong renovation project. The new plan called for completely reworking the layout, as well as updating all of the surfaces and aesthetics for every room in the home. Translating what Deb and Greg’s wishes were for their own active lives, as well as those of their energetic children, LeBlanc reinterpreted the space to comfortably accommodate the family’s needs through every season.

“I wanted to create a transitional style that complemented the view,” LeBlanc says. “They wanted a year-round house that felt akin to the ocean outside.” LeBlanc used the subtlety as well as the majesty of the home’s surroundings as her source of inspiration when choosing the variety of elements for the new space. Natural textures, handmade details and refined choices transformed the space, lending each room its own personality and the freedom to create a moment, all the while connecting them together by tying them to their focal point: the sea.

“We always want there to be good flow of color and style within a house,” LeBlanc says. “But we want each room to feel like its own space—to feel fresh. We don’t want to duplicate design or use the same exact color palette, but there’s always a nod tying back the color or textures to the other rooms.”

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