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Developing stories: These Cape Cod artists are just beginning their journey

These Cape Cod beginning their journey

From left to right: Leah Bares, Caroline & Olivia Brodt and Tim Ellis Cole

Learn about Leah Bares, Tim Ellis Cole and Caroline & Olivia Brodt

Spring is nature’s ultimate expression of creativity, the season of emergence, when the dormant awaken amid songs of woodland and sea birds, when gray branches explode in buds of red and in rainbows of bloom, when fawns and cubs shake the sleep from their eyes to take their first steps in a greening world, and when the osprey reappear from their tropical winter roosts. Fly fishermen, when they think of emergence, see damsels, mays and caddis taking wing from the depths of streams and ponds. Others may imagine whales breaching the waters of Stellwagen Bank. And of course, there’s the butterfly.

As this spring blooms into summer, Cape Cod ART highlights three emerging local artists, each of whom has shed his or her cocoons for the wider world. Painter Leah Bares stuns white backgrounds with explosive watercolor renditions of sea turtles, oysters, whales and fish, creating colorful encapsulations of nature’s bounty. Tim Ellis Cole, through a variety of media, brings the waves of Nantucket Sound to Main Street in Hyannis, and silkscreens prints of John F. Kennedy on repurposed shingles. And in her budding photography career, Caroline Brodt, a student at Barnstable High School, has captured not only the vibrant colors of her surroundings, but also vivid memories of her older sister, Olivia, who passed away in April. Browse the work of these emerging artists, read their stories, and be inspired!

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