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You would not believe the renovation on this 150-year-old home!

The house had undergone recent renovations performed by Cotuit-based Peter Pometti of Architectural Innovations that included a new kitchen, new bathrooms and an addition of a comfortable family room and a three-season, screened porch, (as well as air conditioning and an irrigation system—two non-negotiables for Maria) all while keeping much of the original charm and character of the home in tact. “It was move-in ready,” Jeff explains. “If it hadn’t been, I don’t think I could have convinced Maria.”

“Honestly,” Maria adds, “the kitchen is what sold me.” The Dinardo’s home in Wayland is a polar opposite of a “Cape house.” Their kitchen has rich dark cabinetry and years of memories. This seasonal home has a kitchen that is light, white and made for casual entertaining. A large center island which grounds the space and gives plenty of room for guests and diners to perch on stools, while the cook can easily turn out the goods. Modern sleek appliances encourage the creativity that is often inspired after a day of clamming or a trip to the local farmers market. A bar area on the opposite side of the kitchen allows guests and hosts to attend to any and all beverage needs without interrupting the multitude of cooks the space encourages.

And there are many cooks in this kitchen. Maria’s parents, Luigia and Remo joke that this is their house. In fact, Jeff confirms, “Maria’s parents are sometimes here more than we are. They come and go as they please and when they first saw the house we showed them their ground floor suite.” Sure enough, the retirees are as comfortable as Jeff and Maria, and their contribution to the never-ending bustling activity that fills the house is invaluable. Coincidentally, both parents emigrated from the same village in the Abruzzo region of Italy. Luigia is often found in the kitchen feeding the souls of Jeff, Maria, their children and their many visiting friends. Remo, a retired contractor from Newton, is Jeff’s consigliere as he works alongside Jeff on the endless list of creative projects that spring from Jeff’s artistic mind.

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