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The latest two participants jumping into the brewing game are Falmouth’s Aquatic Brewing and a new Sandwich location for central massachusetts’ tree house brewing company.

Aquatic Brewing

Dr. Greg Horning and Dr. Alex Bergen met during a summer program at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in 2011. Now after years of studying marine biology and marine geophysics, respectively, the pair has decided to apply the acquired knowledge gained while brewing beer as a hobby into a real-life business. Newly opened at 661 Main Street in Falmouth, Aquatic Brewing offers between six and twelve types of fresh beer that will appeal to a wide variety of drinkers. Malty, hoppy, light and refreshing, German style and full-bodied; they are all styles that appeal to Horning and Bergen as brew masters. The new facility includes a 1,500-square-foot tasting room and a capacity to produce about 155 gallons of beer at a time.

Horning cites the freshness of the product as being one of the major benefits for those local enough to visit the brewery. Not available commercially in stores, customers can pick up cans or crowlers of beer that offers as Horning puts it, “The peak of quality, going from brewery to glass.”

Horning recognizes the invaluable moment the Cape is currently having when it comes to local brews when he says, “The Cape is brewing as a beer destination.” Every bit of that pun is intended. Acknowledging their love of the ocean and the special place the Cape has in their lives, the partners named the brewery in tribute of the environment that surrounds us. Their unique mash-up of a nautilus and a footed beer glass that makes up their logo is just a taste of what these bright brewers creating.

Located at 661 Main Street in

Tree House Brewing Company-Sandwich

The much-anticipated Sandwich location of the award-winning brewery based in Charlton, Massachusetts is finally open, sort of. Online ordering will get you product picked up during curbside-only hours. The future plans of a tasting room and everything fun that comes along with it are hopefully unveiled in the near future and available in 2022. One thing is for sure, for those that willingly traveled miles and miles for the unique experience Tree House offers at their wooded Central Massachusetts location (not to mention the heady brews beloved by so many), the thought of this brewery’s creativity and high-quality delivery of product on the shores (literally) of Cape Cod is enough to keep the dream alive. Until then, it will have to be the stuff of dreams: a can of Tree House, a warm, salty breeze off of the Cape Cod Canal, the enticing smells from a gourmet food truck, and the deep belly laughs of friends who are enjoying the opportunity to hang together. Cheers to the future!

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Located at 98 Town Neck Road in

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