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This Vineyard retreat is so peaceful

An Edgartown Escape

This summer retreat on the Vineyard offers an intricately designed, peaceful outdoor space for a family tied to life on the island

In the age of “staycations”, a home’s outdoor space is a getaway of its own. To step outside of the home is to connect with nature in a personal manner, rooting oneself in the mindfulness of the moment. Feeling the touch of a cool breeze or bearing witness to your flowers’ bloom reminds us that summer’s fleeting days can be relished right on your lawn or patio. For Carol and Alexander Vietor, memories of idyllic summers spent on the Vineyard continue to take shape in both the interior and exterior of their Edgartown home. Embodying the character of an English courtyard garden, the home’s landscape architecture is a stunning sight to behold.

Alexander Vietor’s family began summering in Edgartown during his father’s childhood. As the years went by, the family was fortunate enough to create a family compound on South Water Street. “There were 20 great-grandchildren running around everywhere. It was like a camp,” Carol Vietor fondly reflects about her time at the home. Their traditions of sailing, biking, and walking around town with loved ones prompted the Vietors to continue to call Edgartown their summer home.

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