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This Vineyard retreat is so peaceful

When pondering her favorite aspect of the home’s landscape design, it was tough for Carol Vietor to choose just one. “I really love the whole thing; it blends together very nicely. The front is very dynamic with the stone compass rose in the middle and the quadrant of gardens around it. They’re small, but they’re eye-catching. Otherwise it is very easy. The kids love to run in and out to the pool. It’s easy and all very pretty,” Vietor notes. As the landscape architect, Lombardi appreciates the crafted detail in the space. The compass rose, to him, situates viewers in nature, drawing a sense of awareness to your location in the world. Additionally, the property’s drainage feature is banded with brick and granite, finessed as part of the overall design. 

The detail in the landscape design is precise across the entire property, from the stone compass rose in the front, to the impressive pool area, and the bordering stone wall. Such a magnificent space has brought great joy to the family. “I have three daughters and four grandchildren, and they are all up here all summer. We all live happily and quietly in this house together,” Vietor reflects. The lawn space often serves as the backdrop for the grandchildren competing in games such as croquet. 

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