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This Vineyard retreat is so peaceful

This Edgartown home serves as a peaceful retreat that draws family together, rooted in the tradition of the village. “For me, when you look at a place, there’s some energy there. There’s some spirit of how it should feel. It’s a matter of teasing it out…of how you can enhance what it has going for it or what it should be,” Gregory Lombardi reflects as he remembers the shared passion for this collaboration with the Vietors. Both Vietor and Lombardi repeatedly note the ease of this collaborative process. Landscaping does not solely transform an outdoor space, but also those who find peace within it. “You have to disconnect to notice things around you. That’s a lot of it with landscape; to take what seems to be obvious and make it not so obvious. You will want to linger; you want to notice little details. The thoughtfulness comes through and then you get a sense of well-being,” Lombardi reflects. For the Vietors, their outdoor space unites family members as they continue creating memories on the island.

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