Art Annual 2023

Emerging Artist: Beth FitzGerald King

Cape Cod Art  /  ART Annual 2023 /

Writer: Hannah Eaton

Swinging into Summer • vintage paper/mixed media • 8″ x 10″ 

Artist Beth FitzGerald King is an analog collage artist living and working in East Sandwich. Currently a contributing member of the International Collage Guild, Beth has been recognized by Contemporary Collage Magazine, Paris Collage Collective and NY Collage Ensemble. 

Here on Cape Cod, King teaches English as a Second Language in Barnstable and uses collage as a language tool to help young people acquire English. King says, “I love images—both modern and retro—and how they can be so rich in connotative meaning.”

King posts a new collage on her Instagram (@bethfitzking) daily, a result of her dedicated studio time. She finds her biggest inspirations from old magazines, especially vintage editions of Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies Home Journal, and modern issues of Architectural Digest and Vogue.

“Although I love the absurd, I remain quite rooted in possibility,” she remarks. “For me, if the making is authentic to a precise moment in time—it has become infused with meaning and possibility and  is somehow a piece of merit,” King says of her work.

Reflecting on her love of the collage medium, King says, “It can make a person chuckle or shriek, look closer or look away, and this makes me feel powerful—the fact that I have the capacity to move people and to start conversations when I’m not even in the room.” 

King’s work can be seen on her Instagram @bethfitzking and the artist’s prints, puzzles, and commission inquiries are available at