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Every last detail

Outdoor deck - Falmouth home

The comfortable deck areas on the backside of the home offer several places to enjoy the magnificent marsh and water views.

This serene setting was enhanced considerably by Dvorsack’s vision of an expanded deck area that hugs several sides of the backside of the house. Multiple sets of stairs provide access to the various outdoor “rooms” and expedite access to different parts of the backyard. A covered porch with motorized screens protects the dining area, a pergola offers just enough shade for a comfortable seating area, and a comfortable spa keeps the fun and conversation going late into the night as well as the shoulder seasons. “This outdoor living scenario maximizes everything this family wants to do when they are here. It just completes their connection to the view and this special site,” explains Jonathan Jaxtimer.

When the time finally came for Karlan to perform the final installation of her decorating

program, she deliberately made the effort to give the Donovans the television experience of the “big reveal.” “I headed to the Cape with several helpers and a big truck loaded to the gills with furniture and more decorative accent pieces than we could ever need,” Karlan recalls. “We spent almost two full days setting everything up. The light fixture over the dining room table required unwrapping each and every little shell chime. That took all night and a large glass of wine!”

When the Donovans were finally allowed to walk through the front door of their new home, Louise says that her knees nearly buckled. “I was continually stunned. At every turn, I was blown away by every choice Carey had made. It was all just so perfect; I can’t even say it was exactly what I had dreamed of because it was so much more.” The Donovans are in complete agreement—Karlan understood them, understood their family and understood their home. She got it exactly right, down to every last detail.

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