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Cape Cod Home  /  Spring 2022 /

Writer: Rachel Walman / Photographer: Kyle J. Caldwell 

Wendy Kaiser of Shorebird Interiors brings a homeowner’s love of bright and happy patterns to life in this Eastham cottage. When you walk into your own home, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Comfort? Serenity? Do you find that your home encapsulates a true extension and expression of the self? Wendy Kaiser Smith of Shorebird Interiors has perfected the art of designing homes that mirror their owners’ quirks, passions, and charms. Many of Kaiser’s homes pop with personality and a variety of hues, exemplifying the true potential of color when it is effectively matched and accented; above all, unabashedly displayed. With this specific home, appropriately entitled “Eastham Cottage” in Kaiser Smith’s portfolio, she worked closely with her client for a period of six months. “The homeowner wanted somebody local, found my website, and we went from there,” Kaiser Smith explains. “When we first met, we immediately connected.” After an initial consultation in April, Kaiser Smith had planned on helping the homeowner with a few pieces of upholstered furniture in one room. The project began to expand when the client explained her disappointment with the flow of the house. “I brought forward some design sketches and the next thing you know, it was a minor architectural transformation,” continues Kaiser Smith. “And then we started to work on the bedrooms of the house, followed by a few tweaks in the kitchen–which turned into taking out all the tiles and the countertops.” Kaiser Smith’s willingness and excitement to go ahead with the developing projects was bolstered by the promise and potential this particular cottage had. “The room before was dark and quite dated, nor was it well coordinated. We changed the layout of the space, simply but effectively, by moving some walls around and changing the circulation. We wanted that room to be as…

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