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Falmouth golf course to host 2017 MGA Open Championship

A course for success, June 2017 Cape Cod LIFE |

Photo courtesy of TGC at Sacconnesset

As of early May, TGC at Sacconnesset had more than 200 members—the most in club history—including many who have bought equity in the club. “We have had a phenomenal year,” says Gwen Errhalt, the club’s membership manager. “We are well on our way to realizing our total membership goals.”

The inspiration for a membership ceiling came from the members themselves, Errhalt says, and the reasoning is simple: “The goal is a culture of accessible tee times and swift play.” With a limited number, members have a better likelihood of getting a requested tee time, and if they are so inclined, they can spend the rest of their day on their boats or enjoying many of the other amenities Cape Cod has to offer.

One more notable change, of course, is the club’s name: Formerly known as The Golf Club or TGC, the club is moving forward in 2017 as TGC at Sacconnesset.

Errhalt explains that Sacconnesset is the Wampanoag term for the Falmouth area, and it means “the place where the black wampum is found near the sea.” The Wampanoag used wampum as a means for trade, and it was a valuable commodity to them, Errhalt says. Due to the club’s location—and the fact that many club members have put up a substantial investment in the club—she says the term Sacconnesset seemed a natural fit. “We’re an evolving club,” Errhalt says, “in the best possible way.”

TGC at Sacconnesset is located at 132 Falmouth Woods Road in Falmouth. For more information, call 508-457-7200, or visit

Par excellence

The following is a list of some notable winners of the Massachusetts Golf Association’s Open Tournament over the years:

Donald Ross—1905, 1911

Alex Ross—1906 to 1910, 1912

Walter Hagen—1915

Francis Ouimet—1932

Gene Sarazen—1935

Harold McSpaden—1936 to 1938, 1941

Byron Nelson—1939

Paul Harney—1967 to 1970, 1977

Geoffrey Sisk—1995, 1997, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007

Jason Thresher—2016

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