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Family Fundamentals

M. Duffany Builders McPhee Associates

A warm, true north welcome is beautifully crafted by the Duffany crew. Photo by Dan Cutrona

Todd, who studied aviation at Daniel Webster College in New Hampshire, made a decision to join the firm shortly after 9/11 impacted the flight industry. Tim coincidently attended Bryant College, the same alma mater as Rob McPhee, and launched a career in finance. After several years spent in the Boston area managing other peoples’ money, he recently joined the company. For both, the choice of construction might seem to be a sharp right turn from careers that they had studied hard to achieve, but they both understand the value of a family business that has been built for decades. “Since I had been involved with the company as their financial advisor and I really understood the business and its goals, when an opportunity arose a few months ago, I was excited to jump in,” Tim says.

Mike is also quick to credit his wife, Christy, for instilling the right values in the boys. And since she is also an invaluable part of the firm, he feels it is truly a family business. That sentiment is reinforced every day, since their offices are housed in Mike’s childhood home on Palmer Avenue in Falmouth.

Bob McPhee also credits the people who have helped build his company. “It’s never one person. Over the years we have had tremendous people in our organization and great subs that we work with every day,” he says. “You are only as good as the people around you.”

The day-to-day, nuts and bolts of the business both of these firms deal with on a constant basis is where their success is defined. Both emphasize their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, but neither tenet would be possible without the unique partnership they forge with their clients. Mike Duffany says, “At times it has been challenging because not all of the work is easy. You have to place the commitment to quality ahead of everything else. If you are in it just for a buck, you will never survive.”

Bob McPhee appears to be quoting the same contractor scripture, saying, “You can’t be truly successful in this business unless you are in it for the right reasons, and those reasons are the people you build the houses for.”

“Those relationships that you work hard to achieve during the construction process, you appreciate nurturing them,” Rob McPhee says. “Then you might bump into a client at dinner, and it’s gratifying to hear someone say they are proud to live in a McPhee-built home. It’s nice to see that everyone’s hard work and efforts paid off.”

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