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Residence Redux: A home for the future

A Home for the Future, Annual Guide 2018 Cape Cod HOME |

Photo by Tom Brown, Flying Fox • Courtesy of Greg Bilowz

Drum roll please… We are excited to introduce our “Home for the Year,” where we will examine the private and public spaces throughout the home and gain insight into the design choices the homeowners implemented as they worked closely with a unique team. Click here to read the second installment.

Nestled into a nook of Buzzards Bay known as Nye’s Neck, there sits a pristine slice of white-sand beach. It’s the kind of beach that consistently yields daily harvests of precious beach glass, gnarled driftwood from distant shores, and polished pebbles. The sort of beach that has packed sugar-like sand that slopes gently down to a steady beat of rolling waves and constantly changing hues of the moving tides. The view is one of the most active on Cape Cod, as ships, barges, tankers, power boats, sailboats and small watercraft move up and down the coast taking advantage of the busy Hog Island Channel and Cape Cod Canal, as marine traffic takes a shortcut between the Atlantic Ocean and Massachusetts Bay and points beyond. On the shore across the bay, the towns of Marion, Mattapoisett and Fairhaven twinkle their lights at night like Morse Code to inhabitants on the distant shore.

What must it be like to have this beach, these treasures, this view as your own? What would it be like to plan with anticipation and visions of possibility, a home for your family on this special spot? How would you temper your excitement to hurry the process in favor of making the right decisions, since you really have only one chance to get it exactly right?

In 2018 we are delighted to deliver the story of a special family, and some very talented professionals, who had the unique opportunity to build a home on one of the prettiest sites on Cape Cod. Here we will examine the efforts to determine the most optimal siting of the house, taking elevations, views, level transitions and countless other tiny, yet important, details into consideration. We will also explore the needs of the family and learn how the architect accommodated those desires all the while surpassing everyone’s expectations. Future installments will examine the outdoor entertainment and recreation areas, and the landscape, hardscape and natural environment that so deftly embraces the home, while seeming to have grown effortlessly from the surrounding earth. We will explore the elegant and functional super-sized kitchen that seems ready to entertain at a moment’s notice in our Autumn “Kitchen Issue.” So, please sit back and imagine how you and your family might create, live and thrive in this home, and be sure to catch the next five installments.

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