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Family Fundamentals

M. Duffany Builders McPhee Associates

Top: Tim, Mike and Todd Duffany of M. Duffany Builders. Photo by Teagan Anne • Bottom: Bob and Rob McPhee of McPhee Associates. Photo by Dan Cutrona

For McPhee Associates and M. Duffany Builders, the lessons learned over two generations prove that nice guys finish first

Bob McPhee took a chance in 1972 when he went into business for himself and started McPhee Associates in Dennis, with a goal of what he candidly identifies as survival. Four and a half decades later, his son, Rob McPhee, oversees a thriving company that has found success through some simple tenets: hard work, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and being prepared when luck and opportunity intersect.

A decade after McPhee incorporated, 1983 found Mike Duffany looking for an opportunity to provide for his family, as well as start a retirement plan, something that was not available at the time through his employer. Starting M. Duffany Builders in his hometown of Falmouth was a logical endeavor. Quickly he realized that not every contractor was providing the personal touch that encouraged clients to not only hire him again for their next project, but also refer him to their friends and family. After 30 years, Mike is grooming his two sons, Todd and Tim, to chart the future of the business.

The two firms share many philosophies and customer-focused practices that clearly contribute to not only a solid reputation but also a portfolio of impressive work that both say has spawned many close and valuable relationships.

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