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Cape Cod weddings: Couple celebrates at Ocean Edge in Brewster

Online only: See more photos of Maggie and Eric’s wedding on page 2!

Ocean Edge Beach wedding

Photo by Couple of Dudes

This ‘family-style’ celebration was marked by loved ones, friendship, and food!

My husband, Eric, and I had one of our first conversations about getting married while walking with our dog on Ocean Edge Beach in the spring a few years prior to getting engaged. So, it was very fitting the location ended up being our wedding venue.

I’m a native of Boston, but since I was born my summers have been spent in Brewster and Orleans, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I am very lucky to have grown up alongside many of my cousins with the Ocean Edge Beach serving as our playground for the summer months. Eric, who grew up in Wellesley, also spent many summers on the Cape and loves it in the same way.

Eric proposed at the end of a run on a Saturday in June, on a path leading down to the water by my parents’ home. We then went sailing in Nantucket Sound—and the planning discussions began.

I have a large family, and I wanted all of the cousins I grew up with on Cape Cod to be at our wedding. We knew that would make for a large number, but it would also make for a great party, so we went with it.

We got married on August 19, 2016, in the small chapel on Route 6A (Immaculate Conception), and our family and friends filled the place to the brim. It was hot and sticky and some guests stood outside—the same as we did as kids when we walked up the street for Sunday morning Mass. We followed the ceremony with a quick set of photos by the beach at Ellis Landing and continued on to the cocktail party on the Ocean Edge terrace. Eric’s father surprised the crowd with a flyover in honor of Eric’s grandfather, who built planes during World War II. We honored both of our grandfathers that day—our wedding day would have been my grandfather’s 91st birthday.

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