Director to bring his new film on a tour of Cape Cod, the Islands, and beyond this summer

Brad & Luke

Photo Courtesy of: Willow O’Feral

A writer, director, and film studies professor from Vermont, Jay Craven has strong ties to both Cape Cod and the Islands. As a high school student in the late 1960s, Craven spent a few summers working as an employee at Surf City Cape Cod, a popular shop in East Orleans. He also had a job operating the 35-mm projector at the Harwich Cinema for a period and once let the machine’s carbon arc burn out during the famous chase scene in the Steve McQueen film, Bullitt, resulting in an unexpected 10-minute intermission.

In 1969, Craven’s family moved from Pennsylvania to Wellfleet, and three of his family members—his mother Priscilla, sister Julie, and brother Jody—still live on the peninsula today. Craven has also spent a good amount of time on Nantucket, serving a recent three-year stint as director of the Nantucket Film Festival’s education program.

In June—and for the rest of the summer—Craven will have the opportunity to revisit his old Cape and Islands stomping grounds during a multi-town screening tour of his latest film, Peter and John. Starring Golden Globe winner, Jacqueline Bisset, Emmy winner, Gordon Clapp, and actor, Christian Coulson, the film makes its world premiere at the 2015 Nantucket Film Festival. The screening will be held at the Dreamland Theater on Saturday, June 27.

“This is our most important screening,” Craven says. “There are just so many Nantucket connections.” The biggest connection of all, of course, is the fact that Craven shot his film on the island last spring.