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Flavor of the sea

2015-12 Nautique-Cutrona (3 of 32)

Photography by Dan Cutrona

Realizing the couple was not familiar with any of the Cape’s home furnishing resources, and given that it was October and they were due to return to Florida for the winter, their realtor recommended they contact Malone. Nautique’s owner met the couple at their hotel the day before they headed south. They discussed the project, and Malone was given until April of the following year, when the couple would return for the season, to redesign the house to their tastes. Overseeing a cadre of contractors and staff—painters, carpet and wallcovering installers, artists, upholsterers, electricians and builders—Malone created interiors that are, as the designer says, “Cape Cod coastal, sophisticated but relaxed.”

Just as shells are scattered along Cape Cod’s shores, they are present in nearly every room in this home; they appear in many of the fabrics from the kitchen window treatment and living room armchairs to the window and bed fabrics in most of the bedrooms. There are nautilus and coral shells, seafans and whelks, moon shells and scallops. In one room they are presented in nautical blue and white, in another it’s blue with yellow, and in a few instances the shells are set in relief against a seafoam background.

The master bedroom also has a seaside feel. The headboard, designed by Malone, built by her carpenters, and upholstered in her fabric workroom, is finished in a cream, blue and green fabric that replicates the residence’s natural surroundings. “I wanted it to feel restful and sophisticated,” Malone says. The headboard, like a banquette bench added to the lower-level bedroom suite, was also custom-built by Malone’s carpenters.

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