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Focus: Light & Living

Lighting: the jewelry to your space.

“Lighting fixtures create mood to the design,” says Steve Rice, owner of Light & Living–an extensive lighting and home accessory showroom in North Eastham. With over 30 years of experience in the lighting industry, and two adjacent showrooms, Rice works with residential and commercial interior designers, architects, custom builders, and homeowners to achieve their lighting and design goals.

“Sometimes lighting can become an afterthought for people focusing on overall design,” says Rice. “Instead of just an accent, lighting can become the central focus of the space, pulling the entire design together, while also serving its function.”

By first determining a client’s design aesthetic, Rice’s team looks at how the style of the fixture is going to complement the space–often looking at the space itself for direction. “The beauty of having a lighting showroom is that people can actually see the structure of the fixture, and how it takes up the space and creates a mood within the space,” he explains. “Do they want something open and airy to enhance a view or something with a heavier design to flatter the overall architecture of the room?”

He shares, “Decorative lighting in the last couple of years has become very inspirational, and it’s exciting to look at some of the newer domestic companies that have evolved out of the current economic climate. A lot of companies we work with are creating and focusing on lighting as a very dramatic style or effect. When people walk into the showroom I want them to see things that they have never seen before, that’s the real objective–to inspire them and help transform their space.”

Light & Living’s showrooms are available to anyone in the Cape & Islands trading area, where the team meets one-on-one for personalized service. Their two Eastham showrooms display over 300 designer-driven, craftsman quality lighting fixtures with selections for every room of the home as well as an extensive exterior lighting collection.

3 Main Street, Mercantile #5 & #17, N.Easthamlightandlivingdesign.com401-952-1080

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