Focus: Mia Patrick Photography

Cape Cod Life  /  September/October 2023 /

Writer: Cape Cod Life Publications / Photographer: Mia Patrick Photography 

Photographer Mia Patrick sets her clients at ease for beautiful results.

“Laughing, smiling!” says Mia Patrick to clients when snapping the camera. Fake giggles quickly transform into genuine joy and the perfect shot is captured. From a young age, Patrick knew photography would be part of her life and career. Now, she has made a career out of capturing life’s biggest moments. 

As a wedding photographer, Patrick says, “Weddings have so many moving parts, and overwhelming feelings of anticipation and anxiety can run high throughout the wedding day, especially before the ceremony takes place, so it’s helpful for the photographer to be a calming, encouraging, and uplifting presence on such an important day.” Patrick also specializes in portrait photography and other session-based work. She makes sure to add her personal touch with sweet contrasts. “I don’t know if this is unique or not, but I’ve recently provided chocolate almond croissants and chocolate chip cookies from Maison Villatte in Falmouth for a couple-to-be during our recent engagement photo session at Nobska Lighthouse! They happily devoured the treats while I took fun photos, and I’m thinking of making this a regular feature of my photo sessions going forward.” 

Looking back, Patrick reflects on how her photography has changed throughout the years, “It’s funny, because when I was an art student at Lesley University my photography was quite different from the kinds of pictures I make today. Back then, I was working exclusively with film, and my old Hasselblad medium format film camera. My images were both physically and perhaps psychologically darker then. I’m still obsessed with light, color, and simplicity. My work is lighter now, in every sense of the word.” Her portfolio is filled with images that showcase the hues of lightness and airiness she is able to capture, but most importantly, hues of “laughing, smiling!”


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