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Cape Cod Life  /  July 2021 /

Writer: Cape Cod Life Publications

New England Country Mart aims to deliver ‘Togetherness’ on Cape Cod this summer. 

As residents of Cape Cod and the Islands begin to emerge from forced hibernation, there will be an undeniable urge to reconnect with family and friends this summer. 

So, whether you gather on the beach or at a backyard barbecue, one of the region’s newest home-delivery grocers – New England Country Mart – can help to deliver the “togetherness” you’ve been craving for more than a year. 

“We want you to spend more time with family and friends and less time prepping and planning for guests,” says New England Country Mart Chief Operating Officer Elyssa Kotzen. “By delivering healthy, artisanal, locally sourced – and often unique – groceries to your door, we give you more time to do what you love with those you love.”

New England Country Mart was born at the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, when widespread institutional closures impacted J.W. Lopes, the Kotzen’s fourth-generation, family owned wholesale-produce business. Forced to pivot, Elyssa and her husband, Jeff, quickly launched New England Country Mart as a web-based, home-delivery service that now offers more than 1,200 products (with free delivery). 

As the pandemic lingered, the Kotzens masked up and began to frequent the regional farmers’ market circuit, establishing new relationships with local producers who meet the Kotzens’ high standards for safety, sustainability and ingredient quality. Equipped with a fleet of refrigerated trucks, New England Country Mart delivers farm-to-table freshness to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Greater Boston, Rhode Island and Southern New Hampshire.

In addition to locally grown produce, New England Country Mart offers a diverse range of meat, fish, dairy, pasta, condiments, bakery goods, snacks, beverages, flowers, gift baskets and more. In response to customer feedback, New England Country Mart is growing its organic and allergen-friendly product lines.

“Our New England Country Mart Kitchen also prepares easy meals, grab-and-go options, and other items for beach trips or sailing excursions,” notes Elyssa, who adds that “we’re very responsive and take pride in being able to adapt to meet our customers’ needs.” 

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