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John Dvorsack’s depth of experience provides homeowners with peace of mind.

Creating a home on the Cape from the ground-up is for some, a once in a lifetime opportunity. With that said, the seemingly endless demand of compiling lists and schedules for the program that is at the core of a project is more than an average homeowner is equipped for and certainly not for the faint of heart. Savvy homeowners utilize the services of an architect for a myriad of reasons that go beyond expertise. A good working relationship with a professional architect should not only provide the skillset necessary to scale design challenges, but also broaden a homeowner’s horizons with exposure to new products and, in most cases, avoid costly errors.

John Dvorsack, AIA has been working with the homeowners for over 35 years. Located in Falmouth, perched on the second floor of historic Highfield Hall, Dvorsack brings a keen sensibility, and collaborative approach to each project he undertakes. Dvorsack says that working with an architect is critical for a successful project, “The process is significantly more complex than it used to be,” he explains. “This region is heavily influenced by water, weather, conservation areas and stringent zoning. You need to rely on someone who is knowledgeable and familiar with the codes and requirements in order to navigate both the opportunities and the pitfalls of a project.”

The investment for most homeowners is significant enough and mistakes are costly, not to mention the adage of ‘time is money’ must have been coined in the construction industry. A professional with the prescient ability to anticipate and avoid missteps will always maximize the value of a competent team that collaborates effectively.

“Experience counts in this business,” Dvorsack confirms, particularly in the kind of high-value projects that are prevalent along the New England coastline. Dvorsack’s years of experience don’t discount his desire to learn and stay current. He says one of the most exciting innovations today involves incorporation of batteries like the Tesla Powerwall that many homeowners prefer over generators.

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