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At Saltonstall Architects, sustainability and innovation have been at the core of successful projects for over forty years.

When it comes to coastal construction sensibilities, Saltonstall Architects is a strong regional leader, honoring the delicate environments across New England towns. Whether it’s a tear down, historic renovation, new build, or commercial project, the firm prides itself on designing to fit your needs and budget while creating a beautiful, sustainable structure.

For over forty years, the Marion-based firm has been assisting owners across New England. Since 2005, the firm has been under second-generation leadership of principal Will Saltonstall, AIA, LEED AP, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. “The firm’s history is rooted in sustainable, innovative design which continues as our core value today,” Saltonstall says. “As architects, I believe we can positively impact our environment by building more responsible structures.”

Today, Saltonstall explains, sustainability is more than energy-efficiency. “It relates to decisions about maximizing value and quality of life. We consider new construction vs. renovation, size of a structure, day-lighting, the optimal siting of a building and its connection to the outdoors.” In addition to their traditional design services, Saltonstall Architects is often called upon to consult with potential buyers and owners to determine the architectural potential of properties, especially for owners considering the complexities of construction within the flood zone.

Their work is residential at its core, but Saltonstall is passionate about their diversity of project types in commercial, educational, and nonprofit sectors that provide new perspectives and connections. The forward-thinking team values the notions of transitional design and reimagining spaces. Saltonstall poses the question, “How can we reimagine the way you’re thinking of something and put it back out there in a way that’s exciting and innovative? All of the work we do is rooted in the place that it comes from, but it’s also very thoughtful and moves in new directions. We’re very comfortable working across different styles and we think that’s a strength.” 

As a South Coast local, Saltonstall strongly believes in community engagement. He sits on a local planning board, is in the midst of designing a Habitat for Humanity build, and continues to support nonprofits, often through donated work. “When we talk about building our community, in one regard it’s about volunteering, but on another level, we think of our work over the years as building the Saltonstall Architects family with the great folks we’ve been privileged to work with. We’ve built long lasting relationships with our clients and employees. I feel very lucky to live and work in this coastal community.”

The Saltonstall Architects mindset is to continually strengthen its people-focused business. Collaboration and engagement with clients is key in their creative design process. True leaders in design, a project with Saltonstall Architects means durability and quality that will last a lifetime.

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