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Cape Cod Home  /  Winter 2020 /

Writer: Cape Cod Life Publications

From Boston to Nantucket and anywhere in between, Carolyn Thayer Interiors creates striking designs.

What began as a commitment of moving from Boston to Nantucket for one year has developed into a 20-year change of plans for interior designer Carolyn Thayer. And she couldn’t be happier. 

Carolyn did not chart a traditional path to her career in interior design, but instead came to it through hands-on experience. When she first moved to the island, she began working with a friend at their interior design business, but it was really when her new home needed an upholstery overhaul that Carolyn gained traction and her work caught the eye of her island community. 

Her design business, Carolyn Thayer Interiors, grew organically from these experiences into an award-winning firm with an on-island office and soft fabrications workroom, and a storefront in the trendy South End neighborhood of Boston. Not confined to the landscape of Nantucket, Carolyn Thayer Interior’s portfolio includes projects in Boston and throughout mainland Cape Cod. Armed with these varying locations and a talented staff of nine, Carolyn still commits herself to being deeply involved with the design process of each project. 

“It’s like a relationship, and you grow with it. You get to know the clients: what they like, what goes with the decor and how to enhance it, and how to keep adding the layers on,” says Carolyn. “It really has so much to do with the relationship with the person and the house.”

Carolyn depends on building an understanding of her clients’ personal styles and interests to guide the projects and is as comfortable playing with understated elegance as well as more bold and contemporary styles. Bring her your Pinterest boards, your scrapbooks, your pages of inspiration torn from magazines, and she will deftly shape these ideas into a room—or house—that taps into the unique style and aesthetic of each client.

For more information visit carolynthayerinteriors.com or call 617-488-9533.