Focus: Cape Dreams Building & Design

Cape Cod Home  /  Winter 2020 /

Writer: Cape Cod Life Publications

Experience and expertise result in quality.

Decades of building experience combined with innovative design expertise are the elements of a successful building project.

Owner Paul van Steensel founded Cape Dreams over 15 years ago after establishing a foundation of building fundamentals while working for some of the top building firms on the Cape. Allen Furman joined the company in 2019 with over 17 years of design expertise, a degree in construction engineering and project management as well as LEED certification. Brendan Lowney rounds out the team with even more experience in the building industry. Together, the team is abundantly prepared to help homeowners realize their dreams, and their commitment and creative solutions ensure that each project is as unique and distinctive as the owners themselves.

Building on the Cape involves unique challenges, which the team have successfully navigated year after year. Their commitment to quality as well as solution-based collaboration with designers, trades and town officials is all part of the experience Cape Dreams brings to every project.

“There are always the basics in any building project,” van Steensel says. “But it is the little things that add up to the greatest impact. Hearing the client’s needs and wants is crucial to a successful outcome.” Furman concurs, “Every homeowner is unique; the challenge is to understand their needs and deliver a product that exceeds expectations.”

Specializing in waterfront and environmentally delicate sites, the team accomplishes a successful outcome for clients that will be a place for their family to gather for generations
to come.  

For more information visit capedreamsbd.com or call 508-225-1291.