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Coastal and uniquely personal, Donna Elle’s designs are individualized expressions.   

Interior designer Donna Elle is recognized for her distinctive, New England coastal aesthetic. Her ability to create interiors that are unique to each client lies not just in her professional experience, but in her adroit way of translating the beauty of natural surroundings into tailor-made homes.

With a depth of knowledge garnered from decades in the industry and her ability to create a uniquely intimate design experience, Donna enriches a project—seamlessly connecting clients, builders, architects and contractors. Establishing a relationship of trust with her clients allows her to deliver a curated design process that encompasses the wholeness of a project—connecting the dots between the essence of the client and their surroundings. 

Donna has delivered a broad range of client projects—from a newly-constructed ocean front home with a classically-chic vibe, to a comfortably casual beachside cottage and a charmingly colorful historic renovation in the heart of downtown Nantucket. Her brand of coastal style is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but a bespoke formula, individualized for each client.

With her daughter Katie joining the firm in 2016, Donna Elle Design has evolved to keep up with industry changes and the digitization of consumerism. With an e-design service now added to her full-service interior design offerings, Donna Elle aims to take the leg work out of DIY design by delivering a solution-based approach to a more enriching life at home.  

For more information visit donnaelle.com.

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