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Sophisticated design that exceeds clients’ expectations is what Holly Hudson delivers on a regular basis. 

Life has taken Holly Hudson from Massachusetts to Italy, France, England and back home again to the Cape. Those experiences have given her a keen appreciation for design, architecture, diverse cultures and a love of antiques. Following a career in hospitality design and construction for three major hotels in Boston, she decided it was time to embark on an independent journey. “Returning from living abroad, I wanted to start my own business with a focus on residential design. After much reflection it was my goal to take my design experiences plus creative strengths and forge ahead in a new direction,” she explains.

In the beginning, Hudson first found her niche in retail home furnishings and says, “I had an opportunity to work with clients selecting furniture, developing color palettes and assisting them in the renovation process.” When transitioning from retail work to the hotel industry, her position grew to include developing skills in construction. The coming together of old and new plus the marriage of form and function set the path for her new business.

Holly Hudson Designs is a small firm of highly talented professionals. Each project the team creates speaks specifically to the client’s lifestyle and individuality.  Her design style is timeless and has a casual elegance that has longevity. The full-service firm specializes in interior and exterior architectural design from concept to completion. Projects have taken her from California, to Florida and throughout New England.

Hudson describes her architectural and design aesthetic as timeless, ensuring that years down the road her work will remain current. “I lean towards a casual, sophisticated style that is both welcoming and comfortable. I create thinking that the homes I design will become family treasures.  Our projects follow the transformation of the expected to the memorable,” she says.

While in Paris, Hudson grew to love French antiques, inspiring her to import fine antiques that are currently available for purchase on her website. The collection pays homage to Hudson’s deep, cultured experiences in design. After thirty years in the field, Hudson says, “I learn something new every day and that’s a gift.”  

For more information visit hollyhudsondesigns.com or call 781-888-6263.

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