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Focus: O’Malley-Keyes Fine Art: Fine Art Worth Collecting Since 1970

A personal experience with a world-renowned artist is what you will get at O’Malley-Keyes Fine Art.   

When building your new home or renovating a home that you already love, there is nothing like fine art to draw attention to your interior. The addition of the perfect painting brings joy, warmth, and interest that will delight you and those who visit your home. There is nothing that is more important to the success of your interior design than your choice of art. The perfect painting will always enhance and transform a room and will display your personal character and that of your beautiful home.

A personal visit with artist Julia O’Malley-Keyes at her intimate studio on your own or with your interior designer will be a lasting memory. Their long history of working with some of the most talented interior designers in the Northeast has made them a perfect choice in any sophisticated home. There is nothing quite like seeing a painting placed in your home. Please ask them about their “try on service”. You may choose a number of paintings from the gallery and they will deliver your chosen paintings to your home so that you can see them in place. There is absolutely no pressure to purchase paintings during your “try on service”. The ultimate goal is to assist you to make the right choice of fine art, that truly reflects your individual taste.

O’Malley-Keyes Fine Art is located in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Plan a visit, take your time in the gallery, relax, and enjoy yourself in a calm environment, surrounded by fine art. Their reputation as the most laid-back fine art gallery on Cape Cod, allows them to offer a zero-pressure experience. Their inspiring gallery will provide the perfect backdrop to see the endless possibilities of fine art for your home. After the artist has answered all of your questions, you will be left alone to enjoy the gallery in complete privacy.  

For more information visit or call 774-521-8731.

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