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Green Living

In 2015, green living has come out of the shade on Cape Cod and the Islands. Everywhere you look, there are sustainable options for those who want to protect and nourish our fragile coastal environment. From the ground up, architects and builders offer homes of every genre that work with each homeowner’s lifestyle and complement surrounding land and sea. Interior decorators provide furnishings that are eco-friendly and that will endure for generations. Local retailers and artisans offer innovative furnishings like light fixtures created with weathered lobster pots. In 2015, a whole rainbow of green options are available for homeowners on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket. Enjoy our special spring-time guide on just how easy it is to go green!

Green Living

Photo by: Adpe Photo / ShutterStock

Green Living

Coastal Eco-Decor

Cape and Islands contractors and decorators share their favorite environmentally sensitive materials and products.

Choosing eco-friendly materials for the design and furnishings of a home today has become less of a political statement and more of a mainstream choice. As more and more homeowners search for products that contain no toxins and select furnishings and decorative items made from renewable or recyclable materials, trends in decorating style have evolved. The more we learn about the chemicals used in the finish for countertops and flooring, the more attractive products containing none of those compounds have become. Decorating and designing homes using eco-friendly products that reduce our carbon footprint allows us all to better enjoy our Cape Cod sanctuaries—and to breathe a little bit easier.

Green Living

Photo by: Dan Cutrona

The use of reclaimed or repurposed materials is just one component of creating a green home design and this practice reflects Cape Cod’s heritage, especially if one considers the old adage, “waste not, want not.” Yankee craftsmen have known for years that reusing materials not only makes good economical sense—it makes sense in terms of creating a unique and distinctive style. Tom Adams, owner of Cataumet Sawmill in Falmouth, appreciates the value of this practice and has been using reclaimed wood to mill his high-quality hardwood flooring since 1986.

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