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Writer: Elizabeth Shaw

Crown Point Custom Cabinetry

Photos courtesy of Crown Point Custom Cabinetry

There’s no place like home. And there’s no place in the home like the kitchen. A place to gather, a place to cook, the kitchen truly is the heart of the home. Despite living rooms and dining rooms, the kitchen seems to be the center of gravity for gatherings, so it’s imperative that the kitchen can function on many different levels. One of the most important, but maybe overlooked aspects of the kitchen is the cabinets. Like most everything in the kitchen, cabinetry should be both functional and stylish. Look no further than Crown Point Cabinetry, who has been helping homeowners design their perfect kitchens since 1978. Norm Stowell and his sons started out crafting cabinets in their small, cramped garage, working on a kitchen per month before expanding into a full blown family business. With a focus on quality, service and value, Crown Point has maintained their goals throughout the years. 

When it comes to designing cabinetry, Crown Point can fit your every need and style. With styles ranging from Traditional to Transitional and everything in between, including Shaker, Early American, Victorian and Arts & Crafts, using only the highest quality materials, Crown Point has a cabinet for every kitchen. Purposely mismatched cabinets have made their way into the spotlight, helping cabinets become the stand out in the kitchen. Brian Stowell, Crown Point’s second generation president says, “homeowners are leaning towards light perimeter cabinets, with islands being gray or a different kind of wood.” Mix and match colors and textures add dimension to a kitchen and give it a fun, refreshing atmosphere.  Dual toned upper and lower cabinets have been sweeping across Pinterest boards, with a focus on bright upper cabinets and dark lower cabinets. For a nautical twist, white or off white upper cabinets paired with navy blue lower cabinets will turn any kitchen into a coastal getaway. Crown Point cabinets are completely customizable from start to finish, with endless choices of materials and finishes.

Photos courtesy of Crown Point Custom Cabinetry

As for actual cabinet design, Stowell thinks you can never go wrong with classic Shaker cabinets. “The simple Shaker always wins out, it’s classic and a great go-to door style for a lot of different looks” says Stowell. A staple throughout New England homes, Crown Point describes them as “clean, simple and functional,” Shaker cabinets are instantly recognized by a recessed panel door, which can be dressed up with decorative inside edge profiles. Regardless of the details selected, Shaker cabinets stand out in their timelessness. 

One of the many benefits of custom cabinetry is organizing your kitchen through storage. Homeowners are getting creative with their storage, and custom cabinetry encourages creativity. Custom cabinets allow homeowners to choose the exact size and shape to fit in their kitchen and serve the exact way they’d like. Whether you have a small kitchen and little storage or a large kitchen with all kinds of nooks and crannies, cabinets can be made to fit your every need. Custom fitting cabinetry to fill the entire available space allows homeowners to take advantage of modern storage accessories, like recycling centers, drawer organizers and tall can storage.

Crown Point has gone the extra mile to provide cabinetry for those who might have trouble with traditional cabinets. With their Universal Design custom cabinetry, Crown Point works with homeowners to make sure the kitchen meets their every need. Universal Design is about aging in place, or having a functional kitchen if physical limitations have the user in a wheelchair. Increased height toe kicks allow for wheelchair clearance. Microwave, refrigerator, and freezer drawers can be designed into base cabinetry to be wheelchair friendly. Pop out toe kicks and motorized doors are two more examples of Universal Design that are based around accessibility. Best of all, Universal Design custom cabinetry can blend seamlessly into the style of any home. 

There is no right answer when picking out cabinetry; it all comes down to your personal style. Whether you want the latest and greatest in kitchen trends, or timeless pieces that speak to your soul, Crown Point can help you get to the place where you’ll be thrilled to have your kitchen as the center of your home.

Photos courtesy of Crown Point Custom Cabinetry

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Elizabeth Shaw

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