Treasures and ‘Tails’ to be Told

Cape Cod Life  /  November/December 2019 / ,

Writer: Brenna Collins

Susan Lister Locke’s timeless designs

Every piece of jewelry has a story, whether it be a token of love or the embodiment of an exceptional memory or vacation. The Cape and Islands hold a special place in the hearts of many, and the right jewelry can represent the fondest of seaside memories. Susan Lister Locke’s handmade jewelry serves as the perfect reflection of quintessential moments by the sea, with thoughtfully crafted, high-end designs inspired by coastal life.

The Nantucket and Vineyard Diamond Map Pendants, set in 18-karat white gold, exquisitely take the shape of each beloved island. Diamonds impeccably form the islands’ outlines, transforming these precious shorelines into an elegant piece of art. The Nantucket Map is also available as a pair of earrings, or as the Diamond Map Clasp. The Nantucket Diamond Map and Clasp may be attached to any pearls or necklace of your choice, with the map serving as the piece’s clasp and focal point. 

For lovers of the sea, the tuna, bluefish and striped bass pendants are just the right way to bring a touch of the ocean to any look. The bass and bluefish are available in small and large sizes depending on your desired style. Add a nautical edge to men’s professional attire with fish cufflinks. The 18-karat gold striped bass creates a timeless, yet unique charm, while the white gold and sapphire bluefish radiantly enhance any look. Whether you fancy the cufflinks or a pendant necklace, these striking fish transform the ocean’s natural beauty into an artful accessory. Locke’s Moby The Magnificent Collection (available in three sizes and either sterling silver or 18K gold) allows clients to choose which pendant is right for them.

Voted Nantucket’s best jeweler for the past three years by readers of Cape Cod Life Publications for the annual “Best of Cape Cod & the Islands” awards, Susan Lister Locke’s famed works are inspired by the aura of the island. Exploring the streets of downtown Nantucket will lead you to her waterfront gallery on Easy Street, showcasing her own extensive collection, as well as the work of other featured artists. A former career in the fashion industry and a life of travel has refined a creative passion that is evident in every piece. Her craftsmanship is unmatched, with the use of the best gemstones and metals ensuring only the highest quality products. With so many one-of-a-kind pieces, there will surely be a treasure for all among her creations.

Searching for a remarkable holiday gift? The sleek, user-friendly Susan Lister Locke website now allows you to discover the wonders of her collection and make a purchase from the comfort of your own home. The website has recently relaunched with a modern flair, featuring a “Look Book” of her best sellers and most distinct pieces.

A piece of fine jewelry will be cherished for a lifetime, harnessing life’s most treasured moments and illuminating your person. The quality and originality of a Susan Lister Locke piece make it the perfect gift for any occasion. -Brenna Collins

Find Susan Lister Locke’s handmade jewelry and other designs online at susanlisterlocke.com