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Harmony of Light & Space

Polhemus Savery DaSilva design and build a unique coastal home for a Chatham Family that flows inside and out.

Photo by Brian Vanden Brink

Although the property is not on the water, the architects made every effort to design the home with views to the ocean from the second floor, across two other properties and a spectacular expanse of dunes and beach. A decision was also made to have the actual living spaces of the home be at the back of the house, opening out with an expansive horizontal stretch of large windows to a beautifully designed and landscaped pool area.

“The windows are a double-hung design, which the homeowner felt were most like ‘home’—they specifically requested this style of window,” DaSilva explains, noting that the ability to listen carefully to each homeowner’s requests and ideas is also a PSD trademark. “The two-over-two design of the windows was a PSD idea. Both the windows and the muntin bars dividing the panes are over-sized as they might be in a child’s drawing. This helps make the house full of light.”

Continuing the whimsical, summer cottage appeal of the home, PSD worked with the homeowners to design shutters with a special seaside touch. “The owner requested starfish cut-outs and PSD created the shutters by tracing photos of actual starfish, then cutting the boards directly from the drawings with a digitally controlled machine,” says DaSilva.
The large flowing expanse of the back of the house is grounded by an over-large gambrel roof with a projecting center bay at the front of the house. “The gambrel wraps around all four sides of the home. Other than one huge window in the front bay, all the second floor windows are in dormers,” DaSilva says, noting that at the house’s back and end areas, dormers wrap the corners, capturing ocean views for two bedrooms.

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