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Harmony of Light & Space

Polhemus Savery DaSilva design and build a unique coastal home for a Chatham Family that flows inside and out.

Photo by Brian Vanden Brink

“Peter was able to assemble a great team with an attorney, a civil engineer, an environmental consultant, and a landscape architect working for the necessary permits. At the same time, we worked with the landscape architect to add indigenous plant species to the property, moving disturbed portions of the property away from wetlands and lifting the house above floodplain level,” says DaSilva. “It was a win-win situation for both the homeowner and the Cape Cod environment.”

While the home is not a certified “green” house, its high efficiency, tight-house components, and nitrogen removing septic system make the house significantly more ecologically sensitive than the house it replaced. “PSD has an integrated design and construction process, where high-quality design, thoughtful management, careful communication—including sincere listening—and precise attention to details all receive equal emphasis,” DaSilva explains, noting that there were few surprises during the home’s design and construction period.

The homeowners are thrilled with their completed dream house, as is John DaSilva, who happens to live in the same area. “I live nearby and pass the house several times a day going to and from work. I never get tired of looking at it,” he says. “The house looks great in any season and under any weather conditions. The front of the house faces due west. Late in the day, it gets a golden glow that highlights the gable end with its big window and welcoming porch. The house is dramatic, but also pleasing; special but also familiar; timeless—but also of its own time.”

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