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The legacy of this historic home in Harwich Port gets a unique update

While the older parts of the home all have low ceilings—Alessi says the museum is only about 7 feet high—the architect sought to create a larger sense of space in the new area by building a vaulted ceiling with exposed beams. The openness of this room creates the kind of “chill scene” the homeowners requested. While this modern area is entirely open, a door blocks the kitchen from the museum in an effort to make a clear transition between the spaces. 

If the Trowbridges are to entertain as much as they anticipate, they need proper equipment, and they spared no expense in making sure they had everything they needed. For George Davis, Inc., this meant getting creative in fitting cooktops, a double oven, a pot filler, two refrigerated drawers and a wine chiller within the expanded, but still relatively small, kitchen space. “It was certainly a challenge to fit all the appliances they wanted into the kitchen, while still allowing room for storage,” Davis says.

With old homes come legends, and the legend of the front door to this Harwich Port home is one that ended up influencing the renovation. The front door is not at the front at all—rather it faces off to the side toward the south. While some believe the house was constructed this way so that it could get the most natural heat possible before gas or electric heat was available, Peggy says, “The story goes that when the house was moved from Barnstable to Harwich Port, the woman did not like her new neighbors to the north, so she faced the door away from them as a metaphor to giving the cold shoulder.” Whatever the reasoning, this door is no longer the welcoming door, and instead, Alessi designed a new, gabled entryway to the new living space. “The gabled entry now guides people into the newer part of the home, as represented by its taller entryway,” says Alessi.

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