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Have you been to these local garden centers?

Soares Flower Garden Nursery

Terry and Reg Soares have been providing their expertise and know-how to gardeners for over three decades. Tucked into a shady enclave off of Sandwich Road in Falmouth, the garden center is a tour de force of horticultural acumen. Their knowledge of established as well as evolving gardening practices is a local gold mine. They offer all the beloved specimen of perennials, annuals, vegetables and shrubs, but you can also count on discovering a brand new favorite.

Helping gardeners understand how to successfully create an environment that not only meets but also exceeds their expectations—whether that involves creating a pollinator garden, a hydrangea border or a shade selection that commands attention—is what Soares’ customers have come to expect from this exceptional garden center.

“Our focus is on making gardeners smile by offering unique plants and good advice,” says Terry Soares. “We love it when we are able to ignite the excitement of gardening in both new and experienced gardeners.” She goes on to say that their many workshops, talks and classes are a great hands-on way for people to experience the joy of gardening. Simply put, what Soares has to offer is best summed up in the company’s tagline: “Making gardeners smile for over twenty years.”

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