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Have you been to these local garden centers?

The Farm

This friendly and approachable center on Rock Harbor Road in Orleans might very well become your family’s favorite destination. Owned by the Richardson family, they have been successfully planting and growing on the Cape for decades, and are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with any willing gardener. Their selection of annuals and edibles (vegetables, etc.) is one that is truly unique and not found elsewhere.

As visitors meander down the dirt lane and finally come upon this oasis of gardening delight, they are continually amazed at what they find, says owner Sassy Richardson-Roche. “The look of amazement always lets us know when a new customer arrives.” This environmentally conscious business thrives in a pesticide-free zone, which Richardson-Roche says is not organic, but, “We are very responsible in our use of fertilizers.” That deliberate application of beneficial treatment extends past the plant material when she explains that they are also very conscious about their energy and water use in this fragile Cape environment.

The 10-plus acres here consist of eight greenhouses, and paths upon paths that meander through the 25,000 perennials encourage a leisurely stroll to consider how the stock might work in your own garden. The communal, supportive vibe that is present may partially influence the easy exchange of questions and advice between The Farm’s staff and their customers. Richardson-Roche says that people always have questions about which tomatoes bear the best fruit, what attracts pollinators, and of course questions about the Cape’s beloved hydrangeas.

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