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Have you been to these local garden centers?

Bayberry Gardens

For over 40 years, this outpost on Route 6 in Truro has been keeping gardeners happy, satisfied and energized. Recognizing that gardening is a slightly different undertaking at this part of the Cape, their knowledgeable staff helps homeowners navigate the challenges of sandier soil and relentless winds. One of the most successful solutions to Outer Cape gardening is an understanding of what has a higher likelihood to thrive and succeed.

The use of native plant species is one of the most natural solutions, and Bayberry has plenty from which to choose. Grasses, shrubs, evergreens and even some herbs and ornamentals can be the perfect solution to not only provide stability and longevity to your outdoor space, but they can also contribute a sense of style and color that homeowners hope to achieve.

In addition to the perennials, annuals, vegetables and organic seeds you would expect to find, this one-stop garden center can make sure you have all of the compost, top soil and mulch you need, whether in bags or in bulk. Seasonally, they have cut and potted Christmas trees and greens, and their shop is full of every gardening tool, accessory and garden item you will ever need.

The Outer Cape may seem a bit bare and sparse, but the sight of Bayberry Gardens as you travel along Route 6 dispels that myth in a mere glimpse.

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