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Have you been to these local garden centers?

Garden Renovations

At the tip of the Cape is a small nursery at the beginning of Race Point Road. As with everything Provincetown, space is at a premium, and the folks at Garden Renovations have made the very best use of theirs. Manager Jennifer Corliss says that the warmer months of May through August are when they are at their busiest. “Homeowners arrive in May, and whether they plan on setting things up for themselves or for renters, they flock here to get everything they need.” 

The nursery has been a landmark for decades and under the same ownership since 2007. The operation also specializes in full-service landscape installation and maintenance services for their clients that also include hardscape solutions. Given the tight living quarters and challenges associated with parking in the downtown area, Garden Renovations full-service options are a popular choice for homeowners.

Corliss says that customers are looking for the kinds of plants that don’t require a significant amount of maintenance, but annuals, vegetables, trees and shrubs are on just about everyone’s lists. They also offer a large variety of native species that homeowners and professional landscapers often have to incorporate into mitigation plans when properties impact sensitive conservation areas.

At the tip of Cape Cod, it is comforting to know that you can still find everything you need to make your world bloom.

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