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Have you been to these local garden centers?

Donaroma’s Nursery

Just the name Martha’s Vineyard conjures up images of lush, verdant environments, so it is no wonder that Donaroma’s on Upper Main Street in Edgartown is the epitome of a Garden of Eden. Fourth-generation Martha’s Vineyard resident Mike Donaroma has been getting his hands dirty for over 50 years. 

This full-service nursery has everything any island homeowner might need, and even a few things an off-islander might wonder if they can take home on the ferry. The lush grounds embrace the adjacent Bad Martha’s Brewery and provide an idyllic backdrop to the tasting terrace. 

Recent offerings include a hand-selected variety of plants to create a naturalized meadow garden that would put the finishing touches on any Vineyard landscape. Nursery manager Patty Mundt says: “We have loads of native plants as well that incorporate into the natural setting. When you combine them with other native perennials that are prone to re-seeding, like echinacea and coreopsis, and even an annual like cleome, it just all blends together.”

The operation at Donaroma’s includes 14 greenhouses and several acres, including a couple acres dedicated to hardy perennials they uncover through the colder months.

From bonsai to begonias and butterfly bushes in between, the selection, expertise and quality found at Donaroma’s will never leave you feeling that you are living on a desert island.

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