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Styled to bring a smile

High Point – Chatham

Checkerboard v-groove panels define centers and perimeters for dining, kitchen and entry hall spaces. Light from multiple directions gives the space the glow of a summer day.

Having previously worked with Helen and Ethan, Pelissier knew the couple would be open to color, and more than just the typical blue-and-white aesthetic. One of Helen’s favorite finishes is the pale aqua, seaglass-esque subway tile for the kitchen backsplash. Pelissier carried that blue-green pastel tone to the exterior shutters—complete with charming starfish designs—and even subtly complemented the seaglass look of the tile with glass lamps and vases throughout the interior. Bright aqua dining room chairs add vitality, as do the pillows sprinkled throughout the spaces. The yellow and ocean-blue pillows evoke the sunshine and water that surround the family in the summer, and the orange pillows bring a sense of warmth.

“We kept the paint color in the rooms downstairs very sedate, very serene, very quiet and light, but we used the accessories as our color because they’re easy to change out to fit the season,” Pelissier notes.

The bleached-sand color of the oak flooring, paired with sisal carpeting, encourages that barefoot lifestyle the homeowners seek. Comfy couches and armchairs, upholstered in indoor-outdoor fabric, further allow for casual, comfortable living. “Nobody has to feel like anything can’t be sat on, or jumped on,” Pelissier remarks. “Everything has a light, sort of fanciful, playful feeling, but at the same time it’s hardy enough to really be quite cozy.”

During the project, Pelissier and her team surprised the homeowners with some sentimental décor. “We had asked for some family pictures that they love, and then, without them knowing, we had those blown up and framed in these reclaimed wood frames,” she says. These oversized photographs, picturing Helen and Ethan’s kids enjoying life on the water, adorn the wall going up the stairway and add a personal, custom touch to the home, which delighted the homeowners.

Since the home was completed in 2014, Helen admits her college-age children have reaped its benefits the most, as they stay there often with their friends. Once her third child graduates from high school, she says she’s looking forward to her and Ethan spending more time enjoying Cape Cod life at their beautiful Chatham home.

Reflecting on the home overall, she says, “The quality is amazing… I love it all. I guess my favorite spot really is the master bedroom. It has a nice little sitting area where you can just open up all the windows and look out at the ocean.”

If the light’s just right, it’s easy to mistake the natural-colored shingles of the house’s façade for being pale pink—as if the house is blushing. High Point’s charms are never ending. To DaSilva, it’s “a house that’s very serious about not taking itself too seriously”—a home that brings joy, and offers a friendly embrace. “It’s hopefully the kind of place that makes you smile,” he says, “that gives you happy memories.”

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