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Writer: Brenna Collins / Photographer: Dan Cutrona 

George Davis, Inc.

Dreaming up a home renovation can be daunting when it comes to nailing down logistics. Entrusting this process into the right hands for your needs is key. George Davis, owner and president of George Davis, Inc. stresses the importance of examining your options and understanding your contractor’s service. George Davis, Inc. prides itself on its quality service in the building industry on Cape Cod. 

While a student at Babson College, Davis had strong goals to be his own boss and revamp the construction business in a professional manner. A Cape native, he chose to begin his business out of a spare room in his Dennis home. Today, his design-build firm flourishes out of South Yarmouth, with a second location in Orleans. The company does additions, renovations, and new homes, all completed with a thorough plan, supportive process, and quality final product.

Davis offers his knowledge to homeowners beginning a remodel, from choosing a contractor to beginning the building process; “We feel strongly that it is important for homeowners to talk to multiple builders, but the idea of getting quotes from them is counterproductive. I call it the ‘three-bid myth,’ because people are focused on price, often to their own detriment. Like so many other business endeavors, you get what you pay for, and in the remodeling business, you are also purchasing a relationship. It is way more about the construction experience as it relates to the service, warranty, quality, reliability and integrity than it is about the actual material.  We’re all essentially buying the same products, so in that sense, choosing the cheapest price might mean you miss out on the other 90% of what you are paying for.” 

In deciding upon your contractor, Davis recommends checking references and asking around: “ask friends and family, people in the community, or go to the customer service desk at a lumberyard,” he remarks. Additionally, he sees a necessity in working on a fixed quote. “Our clients get a hard number from us before we start,” he says. “That is really important.” While homeowners should not expect their entire remodel to go perfectly, they should expect their contractors to handle every aspect professionally. George Davis, Inc. believes clients should enjoy the experience. The company plans a formal design process that is separate from the actual construction, then delivers a fixed quote with a thorough project plan. “When we go into projects, there is continuity between design and construction because we are the sole source. There is support from our staff with scheduling and ordering. The client is not trying to figure out how to put this thing together; we run that process for them. It is a collaboration, but we walk them through it,” Davis notes. 

In today’s remodels, Davis notices a continuation of the desire for low-maintenance materials and aging-in-place design objectives, as well as a client base that is more informed. Homeowners want value, often choosing to invest in their current home instead of relocating. Trusting a quality contractor like George Davis, Inc. will allow your home renovation to grow with you for the long-term.

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Brenna Collins