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How Great is Yarmouth!

Simply Vintage

Less than half a mile east is the iconic Hallet’s Store. It is a true throwback to the 19th-century glory days of the General Store. Originally built in 1889 by Thacher Taylor Hallet as an apothecary, it has remained in the Hallet family for more than a century, with Charles Clark as the fourth-generation owner. Serving homemade ice cream, sandwiches and old-fashioned sodas, the store has many fixtures inside, which remain from the original opening.

Simply step a few doors down for fresh sushi and more at Inaho. Though it began in Hyannis in 1989, Inaho, owned by Yuji and Alda Watanabe, soon after moved to its home on Route 6A. Their decades of delectable offerings have rightfully earned them loyal customers both near and far. Those who are not sushi eaters can venture only a quarter-mile down the road to dine at a spot nearly as old as Yarmouth itself. The Old Yarmouth Inn began its life as a stagecoach stop in 1696. It was christened Old Yarmouth Inn in 1948 after being known previously as Yarmouth Tavern. Though it has been a restaurant specializing in traditional American cuisine for more than half a century, it was in fact an inn in its former life. The building retains much of its charm from its early days, which makes dining there unique. 

Just before Route 6A crosses into the town of Dennis, you’ll find another well-patronized eating and drinking establishment, Oliver’s and Planck’s Tavern. Since 1983, the Ormon family has been serving lunch and dinner, slinging tasty drinks, and supplying varied entertainment all under one relaxed roof.

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