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How Great is Yarmouth!

Parnassus Book Service

How about gifts? For the reader there is the delightfully unique Parnassus Book Service. Once known as Knowles General Store, the family-run bookstore has carried the traditional titles while also delving deep into rarities and antiques, many pertaining to Cape Cod history and genealogy, since 1959. The traditional gift-giver will find anything and everything they need at Just Picked Gifts.  Located where Willow Street meets Route 6A, it is a newer gift shop in the original Christmas Tree Shop building. Since 2011, Just Picked has been selling copious amounts of local ware from talented artisans, and it has become a destination in and of itself.

The one common thread as you drive along Route 6A through Yarmouth is that the landscape is dotted by sea captains’ homes. Known as Captain’s Mile, this collection of more than 50 homes formerly owned by sea captains is perhaps the most endearing and genuine connection Route 6A maintains to Cape Cod’s past. Each home is designated by an oval, black and gold schooner plaque, awarded by the Historical Society of Old Yarmouth. Some of the legendary captain’s homes in the stretch include those of Ansel Hallet, Bangs Hallet, Asa Eldridge, James Bacon Crocker, and dozens more.

The beauty of nature along the north side of Yarmouth cannot be understated. The unobstructed views of Cape Cod Bay are plentiful. Perhaps most frequented of these areas is the spot known as Bass Hole, officially known as Gray’s Beach. In addition to the boardwalk, which includes inscribed planks, there is a picnic area, playground, and numerous walking trails. Although you will see an abundance of wildlife hiking through the trails at Bass Hole, an even better spot for animal lovers is nearby Taylor-Bray Farm. The 22-acre farm, located on Bray Farm Road, is home to sheep, cattle, goats, donkeys and chickens. Richard and Ruth Taylor established the farm in 1639, and it remained in the Taylor family until 1896, when George and Willie Bray purchased it for $400. The grounds are open to the public and are free to visit, though donations are greatly appreciated.

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